Varrin’s Aviation Story – Conclusion

Flying isn’t for everyone.  You’ll spend lots of nights away from home. You’ll have to put up with security people everywhere you go.  You’ll be a pro at packing and sleeping in hotels.  You have to deal with contract negotiations every few years.  You’re responsible for just about everything, whether you like it or not.  Airlines go in and out of business and getting and keeping a good job is simply a matter of luck, not anything to do with your skill.  It’s hard to eat, sleep and exercise properly.  You have to like sitting a lot.  If you fly props for any considerable length of time, you’ll probably have some hearing loss.  Many years starting out, you won’t make much money (it took me 10 years to break $50,000 in a calendar year), in fact you’ll probably qualify for food stamps for several of them.  Every now and then (though it hasn’t been often for me), you’ll have to fly with someone you really don’t like.  If you’re in the business long enough, you’ll know someone who died flying and have lots of second thoughts about continuing your career.  You’ll wind up in situations you didn’t intend to get into and have to accept circumstances that are sometimes less than ideal.  You might even have days when it seems that everyone around you is trying to kill you (those are most often your students when you’re a flight instructor 😉

So why does anyone fly?  Probably the #1 reason (and some pilots wouldn’t admit it) is passion.  For me, that’s the icing on the cake (I have other reasons for flying).  But some people live for those special moments that only aviators get to experience.  The window seat view of the Northern Lights, the successful approach down to minimums, cruising along inches above the clouds, being able to see a whole state in one eyeful (a bigger one, like Ohio, or coast to coast over Florida), watching the Space Shuttle launch from the air, seeing the ‘St. Elmo’s Fire’ on the windscreen, standing straight up in the cowling of an engine and realizing just how big that airplane is, a perfect view of a perfect neverending sunset, cruising down the river at low altitude, flying VFR in a small airplane and enjoying the view in slow
motion.  There are lots of stories I won’t tell too.  You’d just have to experience them to believe them.

Intro – Document history, purpose, and introduction
History – How I got started – the story before the story
Comair Aviation Academy – Details about my time as a student and instructor at Comair Aviation Academy, now Delta Connection Academy
Comair Airlines – Information about flying for Comair Airlines
World Airways – Information about flying for World Airways (Updated May 27th, 2014)
Nippon Cargo Airlines – Information about flying for Nippon Cargo Airlines
Conclusion – A wrap up of the whole story

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