Violence begets violence – a mostly cold civil war

“Peaceful transition of power” – This phrase has been uttered countless times over the last several months in relation Joe Biden’s election to replace President Donald Trump. Probably most of you have read, or even said, that phrase with emphasis on the peaceful part. I like peace. With respect to … Continue reading

COVID-19 analysis, predictions, and recommendations

The 2019-20 pneumonia season fatality data, which appears significantly influenced by COVID-19, appears to be reporting complete, so an update is in order. Sometimes the numbers change by small amounts for some time after they’re ‘complete’ but I believe what’s available is now useful. Here’s a brief overview and analysis … Continue reading

COVID-19 Thoughts, Part 2 – Risk Management and What’s Next

Intro and Disclaimer Hi! again from quarantine. This is the second of two overviews of my thoughts about the COVID-19 crisis. If you haven’t already, I’d encourage you to watch or read the first as I think it’s more important than this one. Today, I’ll talk specifically about COVID-19 and … Continue reading

COVID-19 thoughts, Part 1 – Love God, Love People

  Intro Hi again from quarantine! This is the first of two installments containing a few of my thoughts about the COVID-19 crisis – both the disease itself, and the response to it. In this one, I’ll share things that are generally applicable, at all times, and in any sort … Continue reading

Taxes and “Humble Bragging” – Prayer and God’s Blessings

Philippians 4:6

Taxes and Facebook Distractions I’m supposed to be doing my taxes today, which I don’t exactly love. I’ve devoted a non-trivial chunk of my life opposing taxation. But I started on a positive note by adding up our charitable contributions for 2018. I’m thankful that, despite a big pay cut … Continue reading

John Muir Trail 2017

Information about our 2017 John Muir Trail hike is included below. Summary information for those wanting the quick version is first, then detailed information with section headings. Some important details, especially with respect to communication, are not contained in the summary. Summary Why (History) – Finishing a bucket list item … Continue reading