Varrin’s Aviation Story Intro

Created January 17, 2003

Last Updated January 17, 2003

I get emails fairly regularly from people asking me questions about attending Comair Aviation Academy.  In the past I have typed answers out to each person who emailed me.  However, much of the information was repeated and there’s really no reason for me to type it over and over again. As a result, I decided I should start a FAQ about Comair Aviation Academy.

In considering that I realized a couple of things.  First, I haven’t really thoroughly documented my entire airline career, which might be a nice thing to do.  Second, it’s really not possible to simply tell about Comair Aviation Academy without getting into the details of the rest of my career.  For starters, I went to school there in 1992 which was over 10 years ago now.

So I’ve decided it’d be best to start this document so that the more common questions can be answered without me typing them over and over again, and so that the context (which is quite lengthy) can be relayed to you, whoever you may be.  I hope that improves your understanding of all of the circumstances at Comair Aviation Academy as well as the rest of my career as an airline pilot.

I like to provide personal attention to each email and it’s not my intent to stop doing that.  So if you have emailed me and I pointed you to this document, please let me know if it was helpful and feel free to ask any questions not covered here.  I’m more than happy to answer them, and those questions and answers might eventually make it into this document. If you’re reading this for the first time and haven’t emailed me, please do so and let me know what you think of my story and ask any additional questions you might have.


Intro – Document history, purpose, and introduction
History – How I got started – the story before the story
Comair Aviation Academy – Details about my time as a student and instructor at Comair Aviation Academy, now Delta Connection Academy
Comair Airlines – Information about flying for Comair Airlines
World Airways – Information about flying for World Airways (Updated May 27th, 2014)
Nippon Cargo Airlines – Information about flying for Nippon Cargo Airlines
Conclusion – A wrap up of the whole story

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