Varrin on Christianity

I guess the first thing you should know is I am a Christian. Why? Because I can’t ignore the enormous evidence pointing to the truth. Christ said “… I am the truth…” and I find no compelling argument which contradicts that statement.The foundation of this faith (and yes, it is faith) starts with acknowledging the existence of God (big G). Does this contradict logic and science? No, in fact, quite to the contrary. I’ll leave the in depth discussion for a later time (maybe on another web page), but I am certainly convinced we are not here merely as a result of random chance.  For those of you just too scientific to continue without more information, try Reasons To Believe, an organization founded by Dr. Hugh Ross.  They focus on scientific discovery as it relates to the Bible.

The next step is to determine who God is? There is one complete source for determining this, the Bible. The Bible claims to be the written message to us from God. I have yet to have someone show me conclusively that the Bible is anything other. In fact a number of people become Christians simply by trying to disprove the Bible. Josh McDowell (one such person) has even written a couple of books on the subject.

If the Bible is, in fact, God’s written word to us then we can simply study it to find out what to do next. In it we find much history and insight into human nature. The most important thing to get out of it, though, is the understanding that we are naturally sinful and cannot live up to God’s expectations on our own no matter how hard we try. If we ever expect to get to heaven (a real place according to the Bible) we must do so by accepting Christ’s (free) offer of salvation. The whole point in all those Easter plays is that Christ’s death on the cross was to pay the price for the poor sinners like us (yep, you and me). The only catch is you gotta accept the offer he makes to us.

I can’t in one web page tell you everything the Bible has to say, but I bet you can find one at your local book store. If you’re too lazy to get out of your chair, download the Online Bible. That way you can read all it has to say without ever leaving your house! Bet you didn’t know it was so easy.

Church is another part of the Christian life.  It’s important to find a place where you fit in.  Keep in mind that the Church is made up of people.  Therefore, you will never find perfection.  Edi and I attend Northwest Church in Fresno. We enjoy working there in the music department and have had a long history of significant events there (baptism, marriage, etc. etc.).  If you’re in the Fresno area, we’d highly encourage you to check it out.


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