What We Do

Thursday, August 17, 2017


Over the years, we have met for our Bible studies on various days during the week. For the last several years, we have met each Wednesday evening.

Our Wednesday evening meetings are devoted to various kinds of Bible studies, including:

  • Bible book studies. There are 66 books in the Bible. We discuss and select a particular Bible book to study. For example, as I write this on Thursday, August 17, 2017, we are finishing a series on the New Testament book of Romans.
  • Topic studies. When we have finished a study series, sometimes we select a topic to study. As an example, earlier this year, we had Loren Mark (older son) lead us through a brief three-week overview of Christian Church history.
  • Video studies. Sometimes we select a video as our next study series. As an example, earlier this year, we decided to watch a set of four videos entitled A Thief in the Night. This set of videos dramatizes how some of the Biblical end-times prophecies might be lived out by various people in the United States.

Among Christians down through the last two millennia and around the world, there are various understandings of Biblical end-times prophecies. This set of videos is based on the Dispensational View of prophecy, which is a common view among American Evangelicals.

When we decide on a new study series, we ask who would like to volunteer to help lead us through that series, and we make the schedule according to who volunteers. For example, we rotated among the four SUGAR Cubes who volunteered to help lead us through the book of Romans.

A variety of additional activities occur on other days throughout the year among various groupings of two or more SUGAR Cubes. Examples include:

  • Sunday church services and SUGAR Group lunches and Wednesday SUGAR Group Supper (and, of course, Bible study meetings).
  • Watching football, going to excellent (increasingly frequent Christian-themed) movies, and doing numerous other activities in various size groups of 2 to more-than-a-couple-dozen of us SUGAR Cubes.
  • SUGAR Group potlucks at Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and various other occasions.

We meet each Wednesday at one of the houses where a SUGAR Group family lives. When we make a schedule for the coming quarter, we ask who would like to have us meet at their house, and we make the schedule according to who volunteers. For example, in this current quarter we are rotating among four houses owned by four of the families.