How the Name Was Created

Thursday, August 17, 2017


A few years after we started meeting, our wonderful Northwest Church Pastor, the Rev. Bufe Karraker, hired Dr. Dan Faucett to (among other jobs) start small Bible-based groups at Northwest Church. Dan called these groups SALT (Sharing And Learning Together) Groups.

Although we had been meeting for a few years by then, we didn’t know we were a “small group” and we didn’t have a group name. However, Dan’s idea of naming the groups inspired us to create a unique name for our little group. We thought we surely were sweeter than any other group [ 😉 ]. So, we must be the SUGAR Group.

Since we live in an era when names “have” to be acronyms, our next task was to make the word SUGAR into an acronym. So, at one of our meetings, we all “tossed” words into a “hat” – words that started with the letters in the word SUGAR. After sorting through the words in the “hat,” we settled on:

Sharing Under God’s Awesome Revelation.

I don’t remember who put any of the words into the “hat” except for the word Awesome. Varrin (younger son) was at an age and time when the word Awesome was becoming a popular word, so he put that word into the “hat.”

Ever since that time, we have called ourselves The SUGAR Group.

We call the individual members SUGAR Cubes.