Why do I do this?

Occasionally I wonder why I keep this journal. My personality and interests are so varied that there are probably very few people who are interested in all of and/or can even understand it all. Not all of those people even read what I write here.

A coworker of mine mentioned that he kept a journal on his computer. He had never heard of livejournal and thought the idea of a public journal was a bit odd. Nevertheless, he seemed interested (maybe he’ll read this some day?). But that got me to thinking. What is the allure in a public journal and why am I doing this anyway?

On one hand, I like to write ‘personal’ entries. On the other hand, I enjoy posting about a variety of topics that might appeal to people who might not know me or care who I am. Even so, the variety is so wide, there are probably few people who would appreciate all of it. I wonder, sometimes, if I should have several different topical journals. But as soon as I start contemplating that, I realize I barely have time for this one… *sigh* I guess I just enjoy sharing parts of me with other people (hence the public ‘home’ of my thoughts).

So I suppose I’ll be content to keep on posting here about, well, whatever suits my fancy. Unless, of course, someone has a suggestion. And if you do have as suggestion, be it some curiosity about me, or some topic you think I might have something interesting to say about, I’d love to hear it. I think up a thousand things to write about (and then never get around to writing about most of them), but it’d probably be more interesting if I wrote about things other people wanted to read 😉

Generally, I enjoy writing about travel, aviation, religion, politics, the Free State Project, New Hampshire, and music. But hey, I’m up for just about anything. What are *you* interested in hearing about?

V- (live from Taipei)

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  1. kitnish says:

    If you want separation of topics, you can always use filters. Still only one journal to maintain, but you can customize your audience. 🙂

  2. nixicat says:

    I have never kept a journal for myself. Sometimes I put things in my journal so that I can find them later, but mostly I email myself. For others, my journal is a situation report, a place to exchange ideas, anecdotes, and updates on important happenings.
    I use LJ principally as an open, moderated communication forum. I friend people when they share my interests or when I want to keep in touch with them. Sometimes I have friends with very divergent interests, especially when they are able to inform and educate me through their journals. I don’t know much about aviation, for instance, but I do enjoy reading about your experiences as a pilot.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Beer is always a good topic.
    Pat K

  4. Anonymous says:

    alway’s find you fascinating
    I am not a live journal user, just an anonymous reader :))
    But never think what you write about is ever boring or anything else…..you are an amazing person. However, what I find the MOST amazing is how you find time to write in your journal in the first place with the unusually hectic life you lead and so diversified (do you EVER sleep? maybe as you fly across the Pacific at night? Hey, okay I would like to know, how long does it take you to fly across the Pacific (typically) I know you could/would give me some long explanation about altitude and turbulance and, and, and ……..

    • varrin says:

      Re: alway’s find you fascinating
      I sleep on occasion… 😉 And sometimes it *is* on those long Pacific flights… even during the day 😉
      As for the flight times, lately I’ve been doing most of them out of Anchorage. Anchorage – Taipei runs a little over 10 hours. The return trip is closer to 8 1/2 ish. It’s the winds that makes the difference. But yeah, altitude makes a difference, too. And really, weight does, too. That one is a longer explanation though, relating to cost index, fuel burn, blah blah blah… Normally we’re full eastbound and empty westbound. If it were the other way around, there might be a few more minutes difference between the tiems. Actually, if it were the other way around, we might not make Taipei non-stop.
      But now you’ve gotten me started on airplanes and it’s almost midnight… ahhh! Time for one of those rare sleeping moments 😉

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: alway’s find you fascinating
        Hey V, by the way, Happy Birthday 🙂
        I just KNEW I would get you talking about the variances etc. and that alone just makes me laugh. But just reiterates how NOTHING with you is “simple” nor without explanation!
        Well, I am certainly glad to know that you do get some time to sleep.
        Sorry about the NO FUSS on your birthday, but I too, have long ago, realized that they WEREN’T that important to you!
        But I hope you had a nice one :))

  5. I find your journal interesting, and occasionally stop by to read. I haven’t added you to my flist, though, because I’ve had wives get upset with me in the past for commenting in their husband’s journal.

    • varrin says:

      Oh don’t sweat that. Anyone who wants can come by and read and comment 😉 You’re more than welcome to add me to your list. Think I’ll put you on mine while I’m at it…

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