Travelstar hard drives and FedEx

Yah, this will be boring so I’ll keep it short. I’ve now roasted my second IBM / Hitachi Travelstar (notebook) hard drive. The first was a 10 Gig model that came with some laptop I once owned. The second was a brand new (1-month old) 100 Gig drive that I just got. The heads on these Travelstar drives are obviously lousy. I’ve had a number of Toshiba drives and they’re just fabulous.

Speaking of which, I went to order a replacement to get my machine running again. Friday night, 6:30 p.m. Free State Time, I call an outfit with an ad for a Seagate drive. They couldn’t get it to NH next day out of their NY warehouse but they thought they might be able to get something out of CA quicker (go figure?!?). They didn’t have the Seagate drive so I sprung for the extra few bux to get the Toshiba. Looking back (I have a pile of notebook drives here) I realize I’ve always liked the Toshiba drives. They’re reliable and quiet. What more could you possibly want?

And bravo to FedEx who upheld their best-in-the-world reliability record. The order was in at 6:30 p.m. and the drive arrived at 9:30 a.m. the next morning (that’d be *Saturday* morning). That’s faster than you can do it as a passenger! FedEx has *never* misdelivered a package in all the years I’ve used them. Can’t say that for UPS (though they’re really pretty good, too). Definitely can’t say that for the USPS (they misdeliver regularly). And don’t even get me started on Airborne / DHL… Gotta hand it to FedEx, they just get the job done right… every time…


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  1. chayam says:

    Oh, that DHL is bad news.
    (Notice I’m not saying a word about your computers!)

    • varrin says:

      Ahem… even Mac hard drives can fail… The warranty dude from Hitachi emailed me back sounding pretty surprised that I’ve had two Hitachi hard drives fail on me. I proceeded to tell him about the other three drive failures I’ve had over the course of my computing career. I don’t know how many drives I’ve had total, but it’s a pretty big number for an individual / family. So hey, one fails every now and then… well… just wish they made notebooks with two drive bays for a RAID setup… 😉

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