10th Anniversary in New Hampshire

Occasionally I am asked, “what brought you to New Hampshire?” I can never seem to give a quick enough but good enough answer. Saying, “The Free State Project,” is inadequate, though true. After moving back to California in 1999, it didn’t take long to figure out that living in California … Continue reading

A solution for Keene’s Central Square

The Front Page of today’s Keene Sentinel features an article titled: Nudity laws: Change needed? This link will likely expire soon, but the article appears identical to one published yesterday in the Union Leader, which is archived at Free Keene, which also features comments from people close to the actual … Continue reading

Couch or Snowman?

What’s more dangerous, a couch or a snowman? These questions apparently haunt bureaucrats across the nation. The answer is, both are so dangerous that placing them in your front yard is an act worthy of jail time. New Hampshire may be home to the most dense population of pro-liberty activists … Continue reading