Snow removal help wanted

Effective immediately, I am looking for someone to perform snow removal at our house in Keene. Here’s (most of) the details:

Work description:

Snow is to be removed from our drive way, walkway, and front steps. It may be deposited in piles beside those areas, but must be done in such a way as to leave sufficient room for an entire year’s snow while keeping the entire cleared surfaces clear.

The snow may not be moved with a plow in any way that causes damage to the grass on either side of the driveway. This means that the driveway portion of the job cannot be completed entirely with a plow and I am strongly biased against using one at all (even just to get a start on clearing the middle of the driveway). It may be moved with a snowblower (recommended for the driveway and walkway) or shovel in a damage-free fashion. The steps require using a shovel.

No salt is to be placed on the cleared surfaces (they’re concrete).

The driveway is 30 feet wide by about 40ish feet long. The steps and walkway are about 5 feet wide and the walkway is a little over 20 feet long I think. The location is West Keene very near Keene High School.

The work should be performed shortly after snowfall ends. If the storm is extremely heavy or multiple storms come in close succession, multiple clearings are welcomed.

All required equipment is to be provided by the service provider.

The service provider should mail printed bills periodically for service rendered and expect 100% payment for all bills received by check via the mail in 4-6 weeks. Alternatively, the service provider may email bills and receive a check via mail a bit sooner. I pay bills with extremely high reliability (so far, my lifetime track record is exactly 100%) but I generally pay slowly due to my travel schedule and bill payment practices. If this is problematic, I am open to exploring a prepayment arrangement for professional candidates with good references who are ready to do the accounting.

I expect the service to be provided in a timely and reliable fashion. In the event the service provider cannot do so, it will be the service provider’s responsibility to secure a substitute who meets all of these specifications and handle all of the money (i.e. we’d never know someone else did the work), or notify us as soon as possible so we can make other arrangements.

Most of the above is non-negotiable, but some details could be changed if the price is right. I prefer, though, to pay more for exactly what I want, hence my detailed description of the job.

Interested parties and/or recommendations can be emailed to varrin at sugargroup dot net.


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9 Responses to Snow removal help wanted

  1. maineshark says:

    FYI, you can probably expect to pay a pretty penny for that. I’d probably anticipate something in the $150 per storm range for that. Particularly with the delayed payment schedule, which may rule out some folks who would be less expensive, but need payment in cash (eg, new FSP movers).
    A reliable third party who is willing to act as an “escrow agent” on your behalf might allow payment in a more-immediate manner, which might help secure the best value.

  2. varrin says:

    The guy I had two years ago and part of last year (who got out of the business all together after several years) was $35 per removal (sometimes that wound up being $70 per storm). He was fantastic. The guy he gave his clients to did okay, but only shoveled the steps once and wouldn’t bill. The escrow idea is one I hadn’t thought of. That might be a good idea just in general…

    • maineshark says:

      That’s an amazing price, for that level of service. I’d expect to pay that much for good plowing, let alone manual removal.

      • varrin says:

        Yep… And if it costs a bit more for better, then so be it. Somewhere is a happy medium… but it’s snowing again and I haven’t found it yet so I might be out shoveling again later. *sigh*

  3. Anonymous says:

    Snow removal
    I suppose everybody is entitled to their preferences for services requested, but I’ve never seen anyone have a 500 word essay on snow shoveling.
    But you know what, at least you’re straightforward about it. If I were already in NH, I’d probably give it a go, because, while this post tells me you’re particular to a fault, you’re a man of your word.
    Bill in KY

    • varrin says:

      Re: Snow removal
      Wish you were here, Bill 🙂

      • Anonymous says:

        Re: Snow removal
        If I may ask, out of curiosity, how long does a driveway like yours typicaly take to clear?
        Snow removal is something I’m tossing around in my head as a way to make money on the side in the free state.

        • varrin says:

          Re: Snow removal
          If I had to guess, I’d guess the guys with the snowblowers (we’ve had two) took maybe 20 minutes give or take? (including set up, shovel the steps, etc.) I shovel slow, so if I have to shovel it myself it takes a long time (granted I was playing with the kids, too, but last time took me all afternoon). Plowing is definitely much faster…. but it’s harder on transmissions… hah!
          If I were home all the time, I’d just go get a snowblower and do it myself. The last two years, we spent $400-$500 per winter on snow removal. I don’t know if that’s average for a customer, but I could see that being good extra income if you had a bunch of customers.

  4. varrin says:

    Re: freedom
    Amazingly, I was able to find a great person (a local, non-free stater type) who does a great job exactly how we like it. He’s not outrageously expensive, but is a little bit higher than we were paying before. I can’t be happier and I rest easy knowing he’ll come back sometime after this huge storm is over to take care of us again 🙂

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