Varrin on Family

Varrin's familyIn case you’re wondering where I came from, here’s a bit about  my family. This is a picture of 5 of the Swearingens taken before there were any grandkids.
We’re up to 9 now, 4 of which (Amy, Garrett, Edison, and Erin) were added within a span of just over 2 years.  My dad’s name is Virgil, my mother
is Lois and my brother is Mark.  Edi, my wife, is in the middle. Mark married Amy and have a son, Garrett.  Edi and I have a son Edison and a daughter Erin.My parents have been happily married for over 40 years.  My Dad is retired from his most recent career as the managing general partner of a mobile home park in Fresno, CA.  He has also worked in the computer industry for many years in its early years for companies like General Motors and Honeywell.  My mother works as a Nurse Anesthetist.  She has several jobs including working at St. Rose Hospital in Hayward, CA. That just happens to be the hospital I was born in!  She also works
at several outpatient facilities in Fresno doing most plastic surgery. My brother and family now live in Sydney, Australia.  He works there in the computer industry.  Edi is a homeschooling mother (and a darn good one at that!).


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