News comes in threes

They say news comes in threes. Seems that happened this morning. Unfortunately, it’s not all good news. I’ll keep it short:

1: Edi’s older sister has taken a turn for the worse. She’s had multiple health problems which have increased in number and severity over the last few years. Though she’s suffered from a rare eye disease which has left her basically blind, and several other problems (some fairly notable), the one she’s dealing with now is leukemia. Details are sketchy at this point, but she recently underwent a bone marrow transplant and subsequently (for the last couple of weeks) has had a fever. This morning I got a call from Edi with news that she’s having liver failure and “it doesn’t look good”.

I could probably write a dozen entries about her. Since I’ve known her (~14 years now), she has become Muslim. Her relationship with Edi has been pretty well nonexistent for the last several years. She’s never met our kids. And through this entire health crisis, we only get news through Edi’s mom and no attempt was made to even explore whether Edi would be a potential bone marrow donor. Anyway, lots of baggage there and a truly tragic situation in so may ways. Prayer appreciated…

2: Less serious, but still notable is Edi’s younger sister’s troubles. As if one sister having problems isn’t enough. Poor Edi (and her mom, for that matter). Her younger sister is quite a bit younger and recently joined the Navy hoping to become an air traffic controller. She sailed through boot camp and went off to Florida, but recently (maybe within the last week?) wound up in some trouble. It sounds as though she’s become less interested in staying in the Navy and excelling.

3: I don’t know if this is good news, bad news, or just news. It could really be anything from good to potentially disastrous. The company I work for announced this morning (last night US time) that it has bought another airline. Airline acquisitions rarely go well. The last one I worked at got bought while I worked there and that ultimately resulted in me leaving. That situation was very different from this one. There was really no good that could have come from that acquisition, and that has proven to be largely true (it led to the longest airline strike in more than a decade and 100% ownership by a now unstable entity – Delta Airlines). This acquisition *could* work out much better. However, so far the indications are that management is going to attempt to realize… less than its full potential. Stay tuned…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hope everything works out for the best.
    Pat K

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