Letter to Paul Hodes

Dear Representative Hodes,

I have had a very negative view of your performance in Congress for the entirety of your tenure there. I have criticized your stances on issues and your inability to communicate appropriately with constituents. I begin with that information as the surprising context for this letter.

Thank you very much for your support of the Paul amendment, Amendment 69B, to HR 3996. I was pleased and surprised to receive your November 20th letter indicating your yes vote on this amendment which effectively added HR 1207 – to audit the federal reserve – to HR 3996. I subsequently listened to the audio of the roll call vote and was pleased to hear your yes vote recorded, which confirms the text of your letter.

I appreciate you:

1: Taking the appropriate stand on this issue,
2: Taking the time to inform me of having done so, and
3: Actually telling the truth about what you did.

While I was not happy that HR 3996 passed, and am disappointed in your yes vote on the whole bill, I am very glad its passage brought with it the content of HR 1207, thanks in part to you.

Thank you very much for, in that particular case, doing the right thing. I am writing this to you directly so you will hear from me that your constituents are paying attention to your voting record and appreciate those occasions when you defend our freedom, in this case against a quasi-government monstrosity which, until now, has exerted undue influence on the economy without the kind of accountability provided by Amendment 69B.

I am also posting this letter publicly so others might be encouraged to send letters of thanks, even to representatives who they view as poor, when someone in Congress actually does a good thing. I hope this encourages you and other representatives to transform your voting records to contain more of the right votes.

Thank you again for your vote on Amendment 69B to HR 3996.


Varrin Swearingen

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