Important milestones

Today was a day of important milestones.

Mandriva Linux 2008.1 (Spring) came out today. It’s the latest release from Mandriva and marks 10 years of Linux distributions from them. 2008 was (finally) a good distribution. I’m looking forward to this Spring release.

And another important milestone was reached today. As I’ve mentioned previously, this was the snowiest year in New Hampshire in 135 years. We got lots of snow at our place and it all piled up. Today, the last little bit in the front yard melted. We still do have some in the shade on the north side of the house, but aside from that, it’s finally gone.

So that’s it… those are the only two important things today…


P.S. Oh yeah, it was my birthday. Now I’m old.

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7 Responses to Important milestones

  1. thevangelic1 says:

    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday to you
    Happy Birthday dear Varrin
    Happy Birthday to you!!!
    Can’t believe you put this in the tiny print on the bottom…
    I really hope you had an absolutely WONDERFUL day!!!!
    Miss all of you bunches!!

  2. 23tevet5745 says:

    Happy Birthday, Varrin.

    • varrin says:

      Thanks! I’ve discovered, much to my surprise, there’s life after 34… 😉

      • I would have responded earlier, but the walker wouldn’t quite make it to the computer… You young whippersnappers, always gettin’ around so quickly! 😉
        Yeah, there’s life after 34, and it’s not all that different from 33. Just remember: The relative gap between us decreases with every passing year…
        Happy Birthday to You, and an early one to Edi!

        • varrin says:

          Yeah, there was a time when you were twice as old as me. Woah! ‘Course, I better not rub that in lest Edi point out that I was twice as old as her once… 😉

  3. justusgirlz says:

    Putting that in micro-print on the bottom of your posting!
    I’m glad I sang to you and then wished you a happy birthday over and over all day long – coz you just didn’t seem to be celebrating it enough!
    Silly man!
    P.S. – 34 IS NOT OLD!!!!!

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