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I’m eyeball deep in planning for my upcoming John Muir Trail hike this year (July and August, 2017). Even so, I’m beginning to sketch out a plan for another coast-to-coast driving trip next year (2018). As I’ve been working on that plan, I thought I’d tally up some travel stats for the family.

It’s no secret that I’ve traveled a lot. Indeed, I’ve traveled way more than anyone else in our immediate or extended family. Edi has traveled more than any of the children. However, even our younger two children are exceptionally well traveled for their age. My tentative plan for our 2018 trip can be seen here (or a smaller version in the main image for this post).

We have made several major trips covering multiple states and/or one or more foreign countries, many of which have included some or all of our children. A high level summary of these trips (plus the tentative 2018 plan) is as follows:

  • 2018 (draft) Coast-to-coast driving/camping trip: all six of us, 8 1/2 weeks, 22 (maybe 23) states, 6 Canadian provinces.
  • 2016 Coast-to-coast driving/camping trip: all six of us, 7 weeks, 30 states, no foreign countries.
  • 2015 Europe trip: Only Edi and me, 2 1/2 weeks, 4 foreign countries (Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France).
  • 2013 Japan trip: all six of us (I was already in Japan), 3 1/2 weeks, 1 foreign country (Japan).
  • 2013 Michigan+PorcFest trip: all six of us, 2 weeks, 4 U.S. states, 2 Canadian provinces.
  • 2011 Coast-to-coast driving trip: Varrin and all the E’s (Violet wasn’t born yet), 4 1/2 weeks, 21 states, 1 Canadian province.
  • 2009 East coast driving trip: Varrin, Edi, and the big kids, 3 weeks, 13 states + DC, no foreign countries.

There have been other big trips (eg. our coast-to-coast move in 2004), but the above trips since 2009 have covered most of the U.S. There are three states that I’m aware of that at least some of us have been to on non-work trips, but that weren’t included in those trips: Maine, Rhode Island, and Delaware. A current summary of places visited by each person in the family is as follows:

Name U.S. States & Territories Canadian Provinces Other Foreign Countries & Territories
Varrin 50 + DC, PR 5: QC, ON, MB, AB, BC ~60+: (The full list would clutter up the table)
Edi 48 + DC: missing ND, HI 2: QC, ON 9: Mexico, Bahamas, China, Japan, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France
Edison and Erin 44 + DC: missing ND, OK, AR, RI, AK, HI 2: QC, ON 1: Japan
Elliott 39: missing ND, OK, AR, ME, RI, DE*, NC, SC, FL, AK, HI 2: QC, ON 1: Japan
Violet 30: missing MT, NV, UT, ND, SD, MN, WI, KS MO, OK, AR, KY, ME, RI, DE*, NC, SC, FL, AK, HI 2: QC, ON  1: Japan

* – Elliott and Violet may have been to DE. I don’t recall when we last drove into/through DE but it’s possible it was after one or both of them were born, in which case their counts should be one higher. I may take us through DE on our way to MD next month just to be sure.

The 2018 draft plan would change the above as follows. The only change for me would be the addition of SK, raising my Canadian province count by one. Edi, Edison, Erin, and Elliott would each add ND, BC, AB, SK, MB, raising each of their state counts by one, and their Canadian province counts by four. Violet would add ND, MT, NV, UT, MN, WI, KS, MO, KY, BC, AB, SK, MB, raising her state count by nine, and her Canadian province count by four.

I don’t have a specific plan to update this, but I figure if I leave it here, it will provide a handy reference for anyone interested in where we’ve been.



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