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Usually is the one to write about family stuff. Today it’s me, mainly because family stuff has occupied my available attention (granted, not that much) for the last couple days. Aside from Edi and I playing together at church on Sunday, the news revolves mostly around the kids (what else is new, right?).

Yesterday, I started their next ‘chunk’ of geography lessons. We previously covered North, Central, and South America. Now we’re getting started on Africa. I’ve been using Enchanted Learning for some outstanding materials. They have a printable Africa book with a map of the continent on the front cover and maps of almost every country (with a few exceptions… like Togo and Lesotho) on the inside. It’s pretty basic, which is good for their age. I’m having them color in the country, label the rest of the map, and put on whatever other features we want. Then, when we’re done, we’ll color that country on the map on the front page. Of course, we’ll have to use different colors for each country. Yesterday, we did Algeria. They decided to go in alphabetical order. If Edison had his way, Zimbabwe would be next 😉

Today, we’re going to Concord for allergy testing for Erin. Lately, I’ve been wondering if I should go, too. But in Erin’s case, it’s related to her eye issues. Allergies may be contributing to the irritation that is ultimately causing the light sensitivity. Hopefully we’ll get some helpful results today.

Tomorrow, I’m back to work again. Was a short trip home. So when we’re back from Concord, it’ll be crunch time for me (laundry, bills, packing, etc. etc.).


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  1. keene_edi says:

    Enchanted Learning was a recommended site from our sister-in-law, Amy, who lives in Australia and who also homeschools her children. Thank you!! Oddly, Varrin found it on his own when looking specifically for geography lessons for the kids. What a great coincidence.

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