Contract negotiations

This isn’t the first time I’ve been through airline contract negotiations. This is, however, the closest I’ve been to a strike.

At my last job, I quit (to come here) about 2 months before the strike. That strike was the longest major airline strike in two decades (89 days). The result was unsatisfactory for everyone. The company lost a bunch of money and is now in bankruptcy (Delta), and the pilots got some of what they wanted only to have the very real threat of liquidation before them at this very moment. Ironically, that occurred at a time (about 5 years ago) when Delta was turning hefty profits.

World is making a profit, but we’re in a similar situation. Management appears determined to eliminate our workforce one way or another. They’ll do it through a strike and replacement, through bankruptcy (later… once they start losing money again), or through shifting jobs to subsidiary operations.

The bottom line is, if you’re remotely interested in a career in the airline business, keep in mind that this part of it (labor relations) makes it far less desirable than it could be otherwise.

Stay tuned for news on the outcome.


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