I’m not really into birthdays. I quit being so interested in mine when stuff became much less important to me. And I suppose it’s less important partly because stuff really isn’t that important (save my laptop…), and partly because I now have way too much of it. But I’m not the only person in the world. I have this family that lives with me… 😉

As married guys go, I’ve got it pretty good. My birthday is one week before Edi’s. If I’m smart (some years I do better than others), I figure out that when she starts talking about my birthday, that’s my not-so-subtle hint that hers is right around the corner. Automatic 1-week warning!

This year was kinda tough, though. I’m going to be gone for her birthday (mine starts in just over 30 minutes). And I really don’t know what to get *her*. So tonight, while she was out at a business event, I asked the kids what they thought we should do for her. Edison piped up right away with “let’s bake her a cake! Cakes make mommy happy!” He’s obviously much smarter than I am. I would have never thought of that.

So we found a few boxes of cake mix, one of which we almost had everything we needed for. Being the perfectionist that I am, I tried to talk ‘us’ out of the cake idea when I discovered we didn’t have two round pans (it would have been nicer as a round), nor did we have any non-stick spray or shortning. But we made due and … well… it’s a cake anyway. I can blame its imperfection on the kids 😉

She came home a little earlier than expected and I was *just* getting it frosted. Good thing, too, cause we had a little repair job to do :/ But the kids really enjoyed saying “Surprise!!! We made you a cake for your birthday!! Where are the candles???” They wanted it to be just right, but I hadn’t a clue where the candles were located (hey, I only live here half the time, ya know!). I finished up the frosting, we sang happy birthday, and she blew out the candels. And all that time I had forgotten that *my* birthday is actually tomorrow. They sang again for me 😉

And so far… nobody got me anymore stuff!!! 😉 A happy birthday for everyone, I suppose…


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4 Responses to Birthdays

  1. Anonymous says:

    Happy birthday to ya both.
    Pat K

  2. Anonymous says:

    What a Sweet Idea!
    Baking a cakes that is! and honestly, you have to leave it to the beautiful “children” of this world to come up with the simple things that are really what is truly important! Conjures of sweet images and I bet that this all melted Edi’s heart 🙂
    Happy Birthday to Edi! She has a very sweet family!

    • varrin says:

      Re: What a Sweet Idea!
      She enjoyed the cake. We all did, really… 😉 And the kids *loved* helping make it. The love to make things for us, give us stuff… even if it’s not stuff that we really want (what the heck would I do with *that*?!? lol). But the cake idea was truly brilliant. I hope he refines that skill. I seem to have lost it 🙁 Good thing he was there to help me out 😉

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