Liberty Forum opening ceremony

Video of the opening ceremony from the Free State Project’s 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum is now available. Watch it here: It includes opening remarks from event organizer Chris Lawless, “God Bless America” sung by Holly Alexander (wow!), and a report from the Campaign For Liberty including a great … Continue reading

New Hampshire already the freest state

The Mercatus Center at George Mason University recently published the first-ever comprehensive ranking of the American states on their public policies affecting individual freedoms in the economic, social, and personal spheres. The results are not surprising to many of us here in New Hampshire. New Hampshire came out on top … Continue reading

Musical blast from the past

Tonight was a musical blast from the past. I received an email a few days ago announcing a jazz concert here in little old Keene, NH. The featured artist was Richie Cole. Richie is a rather famous Alto Saxophonist whose professional included stints with big bands led by Buddy Rich, … Continue reading

Many Paths To Liberty

This is the speech I delivered at the opening ceremony for the Free State Project’s 2009 New Hampshire Liberty Forum this past weekend in Nashua, New Hampshire. This speech represents maybe the first of two important parts in articulating a vision for a free society, nay a true society, for … Continue reading