Taxes and “Humble Bragging” – Prayer and God’s Blessings

Philippians 4:6

Taxes and Facebook Distractions I’m supposed to be doing my taxes today, which I don’t exactly love. I’ve devoted a non-trivial chunk of my life opposing taxation. But I started on a positive note by adding up our charitable contributions for 2018. I’m thankful that, despite a big pay cut … Continue reading

John Muir Trail 2017

Information about our 2017 John Muir Trail hike is included below. Summary information for those wanting the quick version is first, then detailed information with section headings. Some important details, especially with respect to communication, are not contained in the summary. Summary Why (History) – Finishing a bucket list item … Continue reading

Concerts with the Most Best Musicians

The question I’m asking herein is which music concerts have the most “best” musicians overall? I’m especially interested in current or upcoming concerts, but there have been some epic historical shows as well. The question isn’t about what concerts are most popular, entertaining, cohesive, or any other such thing. There … Continue reading

Christian Healthcare Ministries – Financial Case Study

Introduction In my previous post, I compared specific qualifications for four major Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries (HCSMs). In addition to knowing what the qualifications are, several people have asked about what happens when its time to actually share expenses. For some, the question is simply whether any expenses are ever … Continue reading

Healthcare Cost Sharing Ministries – Participation Qualifications

Introduction Rapidly rising health insurance costs and, for the last several years, the penalty tax provisions of the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA) have generated considerable interest in alternatives to health insurance. One alternative that is exempt from penalty under the ACA is participating in a religious healthcare cost sharing ministry … Continue reading

2016 Election – Encouragement – My Thoughts Part 2

The 2016 U.S. presidential election is unique in this unfortunate way: the two major party candidates are the most unpopular candidates in (at least modern) American history. Their unpopularity is for good cause in both cases. Yet many people are likely to vote for one or the other, thereby imposing … Continue reading