Updated 06/07/02

Paul & Tracy Guest

Two separate pieces
that now make one perfect whole...
Paul Guest and Tracy Chappell
were married at Victory Chapel in Bakersfield, CA
May 16, 1998

To Paul:
    We want to thank you for allowing us to be a integral part of one of the
 most important days of your life. We believe that God is proud of the man
 you have become. The promises that you have made to serve Him using your
  gifts are remarkable and admirable.  You are talented, have a heart for
      sharing and are truly a wonderful friend.  We couldn't imagine a
 friendship more precious that has withstood distance and time to always
      bring us back together again as though we had never been apart.
               You will always be our "best man" and we love you!

To Tracy:
Thank you for allowing us to share this blessed day with you.  It was
truly a beautiful ceremony and you were a lovely bride.  We are excited
at the prospect of growing in friendship together with you.  We love you
because of the love you have for Paul but we also love you because you
are a wonderful gal who is easy to love.  We are glad that you
have chosen to use your own talents and gifts to further Christ's kingdom.
Finally, thank you for promising to be the best wife for Paul you can
possibly be with Christ's help.  Enjoy the adventures
that the two of you are going to share... They are priceless!


Paul and his mom, Sandy getting ready for the big day!

Tracy and her mom, Mary waiting to greet her groom!
  Paul sees his bride coming down the isle!
                                         Best man Varrin, and groomsmen Devin & Josh look innocent! 
... but they're up to something. Maybe rock-paper-scissors to see who gets to escort the 1st bridesmaid down the isle... or maybe it's trying to come up with an imaginative way to present Paul with Tracy's wedding ring??
                  And there she is... the beautiful bride! 
Together at last! .
                                            Seal it with a kiss... (or two :- )
A truly lovely couple!
  May I have this dance? 

What do all these people have in common?
They, like us, want to congratulate you and wish you the best of God's blessings for many wonderful years together as husband and wife!

XOXO & Lots of Love,
Varrin & Edi

The Latest

Paul & Tracy have a son, Philip John Guest - April 18, 2001
They purchased their first home - Summer 2001

Other pictures

Philip & Edison are dedicated - August 2002
Philip celebrated his first birthday - April 2002
Paul & Tracy's wedding reception/4th anniversary party - May 18, 2002