Erin's Milestones

(birth - 18 mos. & special notable events)

August 2002

I was a very good girl and waited to begin "getting around" until we got back from camping.  That way mommy had an easier time keeping me "relatively" clean!  On the 1st I began doing what mommy calls the "inch worm".  I get up on my hands and knees and lunge forward onto my belly again.  I can really cover some ground this way!

On the 15th my mommy left for "Spirit" Choir retreat.  She was scheduled to be back on the 18th.  When she was gone last year, Edison learned to crawl... so I figured I'd do the same thing!  Yep!!  I crawled on the 18th before she got home and Daddy was home to see it.

On the 24th I began pulling myself up.  It started with my crib rail.  Mommy came in to get me from a nap and was amazed that I was all smiles just standing there holding on for dear life!

On the 27th I pulled myself up at the couch with the help of a dress mommy was wearing.  Within days after that I was pulling myself up on everything!

This month I have finished trying all the different types of baby foods and no allergies so far!  Mommy has moved on to some stage 3 foods which I'm still not sure about (textures are different).  She is also pureeing a bunch of things for me to try.  I like bananas the best (what baby doesn't) and I DO NOT like canteloupe!  Yuck!  I also ate my first "finger foods" this month.  Mommy gives me Fruit & Veggie Flavored Wagon Wheels (Gerber) and I LOVE them!

July 2002

I cut my first tooth.  My mommy noticed it on the 7th!  It's my bottom, middle, left if you're looking at me!  Gone forever is my toothless grin!

I turned on the Mozart Cube by myself today, July 4th.  I did it with my foot which was funny and before my family knew it, I had turned around 180 degrees and turned it on with my hand.  I like the flute sound the best!

I ate sweet potatoes for the first time on the 7th and they were lip smacking good!  Should have seen me go!

My mommy noticed my 2nd bottom tooth on the 16th.

I went on my first camping trip July 29 - August 1.  We had a super time.  I ate dirt and got a mild sunburn from going on my first boat ride.  We went to Edison Lake (appropriate for my & Edison's first camping trip).  It was a great time!

June 2002

I did two new things today, the 26th.  I rolled over from front to back once and I have been getting up on him hands and knees consistantly.

I began sitting up unsupported this month (around the end of the month).  I'm still not that good at it and sometimes fall on my face but I usually just get my legs out from under me and play on my tummy.

This month my daddy taught me how to hold my own bottle which is such a big girl action!

I was dedicated at Northwest Church on the 16th.  That was also my parents 9th wedding anniversary and Father's Day too!

I still indicated this month that I wasn't too interested in baby cereal so my mommy tried pears which I ate right up!  She then tried carrots towards the end of the month and I also ate those well.  I guess they finally figured out what I was trying to tell them.  The baby cereal isn't my favorite.  Give me the good stuff!  So I started eating solids at about 5-1/2 months and am enjoying them!

May 2002

I had my 3 month doctor's appt. on the 13th.  I had a good checkup and got my first round of immunizations (Hib, DTaP & IPV).  I am doing well.  I slept most of the afternoon as I was pooped from all those needle pokes.  Today, May 14th, I appear to be recovered.  So far, no unusual symptoms or reactions to the shots.

May 14th I turned myself around by scootching on my back 180 degrees.  I wanted to play with Edison's car shape sorter and when Daddy came into the room he asked mommy, "How did Erin get this way?"  Mommy didn't have a clue, but I knew <wink>!

My daddy found me crying in the living room on Monday the 20th.  His question to mommy was, "Did you put her on her tummy?"  When mommy said, "No!"  They smiled in delight and clapped for me.  I rolled for the first time unaided from my back to my tummy.  Then I did it again on the 21st so it's official.  I can roll now, but I don't do it often because I *hate* being on my tummy and don't know how to roll back yet!  So I just cry and cry... just like a girl!

Today, the 22nd, I began to pull my toy rings apart.  I'm getting stronger and more coordinated each day!

I am really getting good on my belly.  Once I roll over (which is usually every time they put me down to play) I will stay there for a little while looking around and not complain.  I like it better now that I can push myself up to see everything.

This month my mommy & daddy tried to offer me baby cereal.  I just pushed it all right back out with my tongue.  I'm not quite ready for big-girl food.  They say they'll try again next month when I'm 5 months old.

April 2002

This month I am doing a lot better with my neck muscles.  I don't fuss quite as much on my tummy now and can lift my head about 45 degrees.  I can stand (with help of course) for short periods of time and hold my head up well when I'm over mommy or daddy's shoulder.

As of the 8th,  I am completely recovered from my sinus infection.  I go to the doctor on the 11th for a re-check of my ears and just to make sure I get a clean bill of health before we go on our airplane ride to the east coast on the 23rd.

I have been grasping objects well now.  I enjoy playing with my colorful keys.  I also turned on my jungle-gym (toy bar that hangs above me and plays music) all by myself on the 10th by playing with the toys and pushing them just right to make the music start.  This time I think it was an accident, but watch me grow and learn from here :-)

I still have that darn eye infection.  Dr. says that it usually goes away by 6 mos. but if not, they'll send me to a specialist for "probing" which doesn't sound pleasant.  Let's hope these drops do the trick.  It seems to have gotten worse and better over the last 3 months since birth.  We'll keep you posted.

Today, the 13th, I laughed out loud without being physically tickled.  My mommy was smiling big at me and calling me pretty princess and I smiled back just as big and giggled!

The 23rd through May 9th we went on vacation to the East Coast.  I enjoyed seeing everyone for the first time.  I began really holding my head up well on this trip and my first airplane ride was uneventful so I slept nearly the entire time.  What a good girl I am!  I was also an angel in the car for the 2,000 miles worth of driving we did.  I enjoyed my first trip to Disneyworld and liked visiting the Cincinnati children's museum where my uncle Keith and I had a nice heart-to-heart talk and giggle.  It was a fun trip!

March 2002

I began laughing this month.  Daddy tickles me and I giggle, especially when I am tickled under my chin.

I had a sinus infection this month.  It was diagnosed on the 27th along with an ear infection.  Edison daddy and I are all sick again but mommy is not.  We three are on antibiotics so hopefully this will take care of this winter illness in our family that we have been passing around for 2-1/2 months.  I seem to be feeling fine and don't exhibit any symptoms, just Dr. Bergdahl says I'm sick again.  Hope I get better soon.

I had my very first Easter on the 30th.  It was fun.  Mommy sang in the choir at church while Edison enjoyed his Sunday School class in the toddler room and I enjoyed the nursery.  Mommy had Easter baskets for us that evening after we had some SUGAR Group friends over for lunch.

I am really enjoying playing with my toys now that hang overhead when I am on the floor.  And I am especially enjoying Edison.  Sometimes he comes and pounces on my tummy but I don't seem to mind.  When I am swinging he sometimes comes and offers me his juice.  In some of my pictures, if I have a wet face, that's why!  :-)

February 2002

I got my first cold already, which began around the 1st.  This cold is thanks to my big brother Edison.  My mommy and daddy have been trying to keep us apart but I guess this is just an indication of things to come.  When one of us is sick, the other will likely get sick too.  We play with the same toys and share the same breathing air.  It's a good thing we have our own bedrooms.  Today I seem to be feeling better.  I'm eating ok, sleeping well too but I have a terrible cough and I sometimes have trouble breathing.  There is a lot of mucus in my lungs that I am trying to cough up.  I am using an inhaler at bedtime and in the morning to help me breath easier.  They say I have RSV, which is basically a respiritory infection, like a cold.  My mommy and daddy are watching me carefully.  Infact, my mommy sat up all night and let me sleep in her arms.  Sleeping on my tummy on her chest seemed to help my breathing too.  I hear my mommy and daddy praying for Edison and me.  We are so loved.

I cooed for the first time today, the 12th.  I had a little conversation with my mommy after I had some nice milk and was feeling relaxed.

Guess what?  I smiled today, the 13th.  Perfect gift for Valentine's Day!!  My daddy was looking at me and smiling and I responded with several open-mouthed grins.  Check our my picture pages for the cute shots of me smiling from ear to ear.

On the 14th, we all celebrated Valentine's Day together.  My mommy made a card for Daddy from me.  I helped her by signing my name (well scribbling with pen in hand for a few seconds, until I wrote on mommy and the fun was over).

I am feeling much better now.  I am 100% over my cold and am just left with a mild eye infection as of the 15th.  I am being treated with eye drops which aren't so bad.

I found my hands this month.  I like to rub my head with them (Edison didn't have any hair like me at this age :-).

January 2002

I was born on the 8th @ 20:55 p.m. pacific time at Clovis Community Hospital.  Dr. Peters and Dr. Peters-Kroeker were my mommy's doctors and helped me to be born.  My birthday is exactly one day before my brother Edison's birthday.  He is one year older than me.  My Cousin Val told me that I was also born on my "cousin" Jeremy's 15th birthday.
I went on my first outing on the 13th.  We went to lunch with the SUGAR Group at Perko's.  I slept most of the time, even considering everyone wanted to pass me around.  I got to wear my first "dress" on this outing. It was actually a blouse that had pants to go with it, but all my clothes are so big, I can't fit into much yet :-)