My Milestones

(birth - 18 months & special notable events)

July 2002

Right now, talking is probably my most favorite thing to do.  That and climbing (which I have several bruises on my legs to prove :-)  We were keeping track of all of the words I can say until this month.  Mommy was writing them down for my baby book and we are now to the point where I learn new words so quickly that it's hard to keep track.  Mommy counted about 75 commonly used words a couple of weeks ago and decided that she couldn't keep up :-)

I am also saying quite a few phrases and word combinations.  I say things like:

light on/off
here you go mom (when giving something to mommy)
Erin, mom (when telling mommy that Erin's crying)
I want up/down (clearer now and other people can understand too)
I want that
All done
Bubble bath
Erin's bottle
go bye-bye
Buckle book (when referring to a book that has different closures (zippers, buttons, snaps) my favorite of which is a sturdy black buckle that I can do by myself)

I am also understanding some amazing concepts and connecting actions with words.  For instance:

Please (in context of wanting a bite of something we're eating :-)
Thank you (regularly used when given something or asked "Edison, what do you say?")
I go and get my shoes from my bottom drawer when mommy says, "Edison do you want to go bye-bye?"

Not sure if I've mentioned how many teeth I've gotten but lately, it's hard to keep track.  I am getting so many and they are in the back so it's not as easy for my mommy & daddy to tell when they come in.  Right now (as of the 7th) I have 12!  All 8 in front and 4 molars!

I went on my first camping trip July 29 - August 1.  I had a really wonderful time.  I took my first boat ride (which I got a little sunburned) and played a lot in the dirt with some new digging toys mommy got me.  We went to Edison Lake (appropriate, huh!)  Can't wait until next time!

Not sure when I got them, but as of the 31st, I have 14 teeth - 6 on bottom & 8 on top!

June 2002

On the 26th I indicated on a drive to take Daddy to the airport that I can identify birds and water from ponds, ponding basins, fountains, etc.

This month I consistantly began saying, "Thank you," when given something and if I don't say it, mommy or daddy asks, "What do you say Edison?"  I then say, "Thank you."  I am also good at saying, "Please," but still have to be prompted for this one.

On the 24th I said another complete sentence.  I said, "Hi baby Erin."  And on the 25th I said, "Daddy go bye-bye."

On the 5th, I did two unusual things.  I demonstrated that I can walk backwards (although I run into things regularly) and I walked around for a while with my eyes closed.  That was especially hillarious to my mommy as I would bump into things but keep going.

On the 7th, I indicated that I knew where I was in town, here's the funny story:  My mommy and I frequently (95% of the time) shop at a particular grocery store.  Last time we were in, I asked for a balloon when we entered the store, as I saw some blown up in the floral department.  Mommy gave me a balloon which I enjoyed while we were shopping.  Mommy slyly put it back when I wasn't looking before we left the store.  Anyway, as we pulled up at the grocery store today I began to say, "Balloon, balloon, balloon."  Mommy was suprised to learn that I not only recognized the store, but I remembered that it was where we get balloons!  Wow!  Mommy is anxious to test this theory out again soon and see if I have the same reaction.  Needless to say, I not only got a balloon in the store, I got to take it home too.  It was an Elmo balloon, whom I call, "Mel-mo!"  Ha-ha!

May 2002

I went for my 16 month checkup at Dr. Bergdahl's office on the 13th.  I am a healthy growing boy.  I am gaining weight and meeting all of Dr. B's expectations for a boy my age (climbing, talking, etc.).  In the doctor's office (while waiting for my shots - 3 today:  IPV, DTaP & Hib) my sister's bottle cap fell on the floor and daddy and I played a little soccer with it.  Mommy showed me how to kick it forward and then I did it!  It was fun so daddy and me kicked it back and forth for a while.  Good thing because it kept me occupied for a while!

Let's see... what are some of my new words and accomplishments:

I enjoy climbing on everything
I enjoy playing in the back yard like a big boy.
I kicked an object forward this month.
I learned what a cow says and what a puppy says although I won't always tell you when you ask :-)
I can identify the following in books by pointing:
    cow (although I call it "moo")
    facial parts
I am saying:
    'that' (while pointing to mean, "I want that.")
    Hide!!  ( I say this when I go into my closet and shut the door behind me.  I yell out, "Hide!")
    Hot (when close to the stove or when Mommy blows on food)
    Shhhhhh! (said with finger to lips, very cute!)
    Bite (meaning I want a bite/I'm hungry)
    Ewww, poopie! (Sometimes said when changing me or sometimes I even say it when I need a
        diaper change, but the latter is much more rare :-)
    Another one (runs together as "anudderone" but it gets the point across)
    I want down/up (these both run together into one word - "iwantupp" or "iwantdown")

So as you can see, I am getting easier to understand and it is easier for me to communicate my needs and wants to my Mommy & Daddy. It is especially helpful when trying to identify my basic needs such as hunger, fatigue, thirst and general well-being.

I can help blow on food... mommy can't wait until I can blow my nose :-)  Using the bulb syringe is a big pain for her and daddy now because I am really strong and can throw a mean tantrum!  You would too if they were sticking that up your nose!

I have gotten good at repeating what others say so watch what you say around me :-)

The funniest thing I have said so far is my very first real sentence:  "No, no night night, bye-bye."  I even used it in the context having just gotten up from a  nap.  I meant, "I don't want to go night, night.  I want to go bye-bye!"  What a genius!

I am also learning how to use my imagination.  Today, I fed mommy pretend food with a spoon.

On the 20th I had my first conversation on the phone.  Usually I just listen and want to push the buttons but today I talked to daddy who left on a trip and called us from the airport.  I said hi, a few other things that nobody understood by me and then bye.  I even gave daddy a kiss over the phone!

Today I blew my nose for the first time.  It was a one time deal but it helped with my stuffy nose due to allergies.  My mommy hopes I will continue to do it!

April 2002

I haven't told you much about my sister.  I love her.  I enjoy playing with her on the floor and bothering her when she is swinging.  I kiss her and hug her and lay on top of her when she is playing quietly on the floor.  I just can't seem to leave her alone... but she is really little still and I am told over and over again to be "gentle" with her... whatever that means :-)  I love her.

I have said a lot of new things in the last couple of months.  Some of my newer words are:

No!  No! (when repeating my mommy or daddy saying no to something.  I point and say no, no!)
Beep! (when I hear the microwave or oven beeping)
Woof! (when I hear the dogs outback bark)
Go!  Go!  Go!
Baby (all my stuffed animals, Erin, pictures of babies, myself in the mirror)
All done (usually in the highchair)
Bye-bye (when I want to go in the car or out back)
Tickle, tickle!

And I can point to the following when asked:

Fan (ceiling fan)
My feet

Other interesting things:

I make a chomping noise when mommy asks, "Edison, how do we eat!"  It's pretty cute.
I am giving kisses with big puckered lips now, rather than the open mouth baby kiss.  It's adorable!  I'm also giving kisses more often now.

My mommy and daddy (mostly me and daddy) *did* baby-proof the backyard.  We put in pavers where the flower beds were, put up a fence and built a box for the sprinkler valves.  I can play outside but still not by myself.  There are 3 very agressive dogs who live behind us and when I get close to the fence, they attack and have broken a couple of our fence boards.  The neighbor back there promises he is putting up some additional fencing on his side this week.  Then I can play all by myself out there.

Playing outside has its advantages.  I got to eat dirt for the first time and grass and clover too.  All pretty yucky.  I brought the half eaten clover to my mommy when I didn't like it.  I'm a good boy!

I did an amazing thing today.  I brought in a stick from outside... no, that's not the amazing part.  All my mommy had to do was ask, "Edison, can you take your stick back outside?" and I turned right around and out I went, stick in hand.  I did it a little later again, when I came in with a rock.  She said, "Take that back outside Edison," and I did!  What a good obedient boy I am becoming.

I also did another wonderful thing.  Erin spit her pacifier out today and rather than taking it and running, I put it back in her mouth!  I am such a big boy, I don't need that anymore!!  Those are for babies and I am a big guy!

We went on vacation from the 23rd to May 9th.  It was fun to see everyone again.  My sister did so good on the airplane and I did as well as I possibly could.  I didn't have my own seat on the last leg home so mommy says, "It's a lot to ask a little boy to sit still for 3.25 hours in someone's lap."  I agree :-)  We had fun going to Disneyworld, visiting the Cincinnati Children's Museum and much more.  It was a blast showing off Erin.  I kissed and huged her a lot and let everyone know that I enjoy being a big brother!

March 2002

I am doing and saying so many new things.  This month I began to enjoy playing outside.  My mommy takes me out for a little while and then we have to come in periodically to take care of Erin.  It is not safe outside for me to play alone.  My mommy had a brainstorm to baby-proof the backyard.  Maybe we'll do that and then I can play outside more.  I love it.

I also began wearing my shoes all the time now when I am outside.  Mommy explained to me that wearing my shoes was part of being a big boy and getting to play outside.  Occasionally, we go out together in our bare feet to play in the grass.

I don't use my pacifier any more (but don't remind me, or else I get emotional :-).  I got another ear infection and my mommy read in a study that using a pacifier at night could possibly encourage ear infections.  She and daddy discussed it and decided that they would rather be safe than sorry where my health is concerned so away it went.  I haven't missed it at all.  I still go to bed for naps and night time without any trouble at all... well not any more trouble than usual, since I've been allowed to go outside and play.  I never want to nap now :-).  I have cut my naps to usually only one each day.  Playing is much more fun!

This month I also gave up my bottle.  For a while now, I have only been getting one bottle each day (in the morning) but I am a big boy now and drink all my milk, juice and water out of a sippy-cup!  Hooray for me!!

February 2002

  I cut another tooth on the 7th.  Now I have my full set of front teeth; 4 on the bottom and 4 on the top.

  I have begun saying phrases.  I'm don't know that they are phrases yet as I sort of just link all the words together to make one word.  This week I began to say, "Thank you," and I cleverly said, "Where did daddy go?" a couple of days ago, which actually came out like, "Wheredahgo?"  Daddy was leaving and walking down the hall when he stopped short and asked, "Did he just say what I thought he said?"  What a brilliant boy.

  I am doing another really wonderfully cute thing now.  When I want to go to bed to take a nap or retire for the evening, I say, "Ni, ni," and begin to walk down the hall towards my bedroom.  When my folks follow me and open the door I go right to the 2nd drawer of the dresser where the pacifiers are kept, open the drawer, reach in and get a paci and proceed to walk over to my bed.  I really know what I want and how to go about getting it :-)

January 2002

  I watched my first set of New Year's Day bowl games this afternoon at Grammy & Grampy's.  It was a fun time.  I enjoyed eating deli turkey (for the first time) and cheese while everyone else enjoyed standwiches, chips, fruit salad and cupcakes made by my Tia!

  I covered my mouth when my mommy told me to while coughing.  She has been trying to teach me this and today I did it for the first time.  Everyone (including mommy) was suprised and delighted.  We laughed and laughed

I am walking better and better these days.  I wore shoes for the first time on the 6th and had to sort of learn to walk all over again.  Since then, I still won't keep them on.

My sister Erin Michelle was born on January 8th!!  I have been sick with a terrible cold so I can't get near her but I am admiring her from afar.  When I first saw her in the hospital, I reached out to touch her and accidentally was too rough and smacked her face.  She cried... I cried... I'm learning cause and effect :-)  Since then, I've tried to be gentle, but it's so hard as I get so excited.

I had my first birthday on the 9th.  We celebrated on the 10th & 11th (see the pictures in my photos index) as we were still getting settle back in with Erin.

I got my first ear infection around my birthday.  It was diagnosed by Dr. Youel on the 11th.  I am such a trooper though, my mommy and daddy wouldn't have known it.  I don't pull at my ears or fuss.

I got another tooth.  Finally my other middle tooth on the top broke through.  Now I have 7.

I got sick again with another cold on the 30th.  I have had 3 colds this winter.  I can't wait for spring to come!

December 2001

My mommy and daddy have strategically placed all of my toy bins and such in places where I have to walk at least 3 or 4 steps to get to the next.  I can now walk between the bins, between some of the furniture and between the ledge were the fireplace is to my toys.  I took 5 independent steps today (the 8th) from the coffee table to my daddy on the couch and am getting braver every day.  I used to be afraid to let go and now I am seen regularly trying to run and then falling on my face instead.  I enjoy walking and I enjoy the praise my mommy and daddy give me.

  I have added some words to my repetoir like "done" and "more" with regard to bathing and food.  I am cute when I stand my little cold naked body up at the side of the bathtub and announce, "Done."  That is usually after my mommy rinses my hair and gets water in my face.  My mommy and daddy have a bell with mistletoe hanging in the entryway to the house all-year-around.  I can say, "Bell," and point to it.  They will let me touch it, but to pay them back, I have to let them kiss me.  Who am I kidding?  I love it!

I began making the fish face this month.

On the 8th, my mommy, daddy and I decorated Christmas cookies to send as gifts.  I had fun playing with the dough and getting flour on my face.  I also enjoyed the cookie cutters which mommy and I played peek-a-boo with while Daddy took pictures of us.

I began "sustained" walking today, the 18th!  I am such a big boy now!

I am finally getting over my first BIG cold.  I had a runny nose, coughing and congestion.  I also got laryngitis for 3 days which was really sad.  I tried to cry and nothing came out.  I am feeling much better now... my voice is back and all that is left is a little bit of this nagging cough!

I got another tooth today, the 22nd.  My 4th and #5 is coming in close behind.

I celebrated my first Christmas on the 25th.  It was just daddy, mommy, miss roo (she's still inside so I got more presents than her) and me.  I got some really neat gifts and I had so many to open that I had to take a nap in the middle of the festivities!  Check out my latest pics for more details.  Happy Birthday Jesus!

Yep, I got that 5th tooth today, the 29th!  I'm hardly grumpy anymore when I cut teeth.  Although, I am not looking forward to that other top middle one.

And I got my 6th just two days later  on the 31st!  I also had a fun time celebrating New Year's Eve with Philip and a new buddy, Joel (who is 2 weeks younger than me).  Joel's parents, Charles & Sarah as well as Nino & Nina, Grammy & Grampy and Devin & Stacy (some more of mommy & daddy's friends) came over for dinner and games.  I went to bed before the year turned over to 2002 but I had fun eating and playing with the boys until bed time.

November 2001

On the 6th, I blew my first kiss.  I just use my mouth and make the kissing sound.  Daddy has been doing that since I was born to get me to smile at pictures.  Now it just makes me smack my lips.

I had a friend visit me from Florida this month.  Joshua Alderson, who was born 3 days before me, came to visit me with his mommy from the 8th to the 13th.  We had fun learning new things together.  Both of us took a step while he was here and we really enjoyed playing together.  When he left on the 13th my mommy could tell that I missed him very much.  I wandered around the house for a good period of time, as if I was looking for him.   We are planning to go and visit him and his family next spring after my baby sister is born.  See you soon Josh!

We celebrated my very first Thanksgiving on the 9th.  Daddy was home and we weren't sure if he was going to be home later in the month (turned out that he *was* gone overseas so good thinking) so we had our dinner with all the fixings and a few people over.  Since Josh and Auntie Lisa were here, we thought that was 2 more reasons to be thankful early this year!  We also had over my Grampy, Virgil and my Nino & Nina came and brought Philip too.  The three of us boys had a good time playing!

I am doing so many more big-boy things this month and speaking so much more.  Actually, I'm quite talkative and daddy says that I get that from mommy.  Here are some examples of what I'm learning:

I can:

point to the light when asked where it is.
say, "Light!" when asked, "What's that?"
point to mommy's nose and say, "There!" when asked where it is.
hug and say, "Awwwww," when given a stuffed animal to hug.  I might just be nice to my new sister.
get down off the couch by myself, although I still can't climb up on it.
go up the stairs in my Grammy & Grampy's house, although I can't come down yet.
stand up periodically without holding onto anything.
give kisses (when *I'm* in the mood) or make the kissing sound.
repeat things my mommy & daddy say (for example:  duck, dog, fish, good, more).
repeat, "I love you," which usually comes out as one word, sort of like, "ahluvu."
crawl really fast when being chased.
hide behind the couch when being chased.
dance to Smurf records at Grammy & Grampy's house.
and more...

I don't remember when it was that I learned this (maybe in September or October some time) but I have learned the word, "No!"  My mommy and daddy have spanked my hand with regards to this inviting little drawer in our living room and I know better than to go near it now.  If I do, it's only to get attention because I'm tired and no one will put me to bed <smile>!  My pediatrician was suprised when mommy told her that I understand the word *no* already.  My daddy says, if I'm old enough to remember that the drawer is there and how to open it from day to day, I should be old enough to remember *not* to open it.  My mommy agreed and they were both right.  I learned the word, "No!" within the last couple of months and I usually obey it.  Funny side note:  when I am about to get into something I know I'm not supposed to my mommy looks at me and says, "Edison, no no," and shakes her head.  So, I shake my head back and then crawl off <giggle>.  I'm such a cute little boy.

I got my 3rd tooth on the 5th.  It was a big one (the upper middle on my right).  It was a hard week as it came in.  It hurt a lot and made me cranky and sleepy.  I'm glad that is over... I hear there are more of these times in my near future though.  Ugh!

On the 27th, I took my first steps.  I walked from daddy on the loveseat to mommy sitting on the floor (about 2 steps and then, "Crash!" :-)    My mommy and daddy were so proud of me.  I also walked behind my push toy for the first time which was exciting.  It gets away from me because it moves fast and has no brakes!  Yikes!!

October 2001

This month I began making funny faces besides the "snoot".  I pucker my lips out and I can suck them in like a fish.  I also mimick mommy more.  I will tilt my head to the side when she does and I will shake my head back and forth until I get dizzy.  It's quite hillarious.

I said my first word today!  I have been saying da da da a lot, but today I said it in association to the real person.  Daddy came down the hall and mommy asked me who that was.  I pointed and said, "da da!"  I am getting so big and so smart!

The nursery workers said that I took my first step today, the 21st.  Mommy is ignoring them!  She missed me crawling for the first time and says that she refuses to miss me walking for the first time.  My mommy has seen me gingerly take my hands away from where I'm standing, hold my position for a few seconds and then put them back.  I'm getting brave and mommy and daddy have a bet going as to when I will walk.  Mommy says around Thanksgiving.  Daddy says 2 weeks.  If I could talk I'd say, "When I'm good and ready!"  <snicker>

I said my second word today.  I looked up at our new ceiling fan and said, "Light."  It was more like li li li li... but definitely recognizable.

I got my first set of immunizations this month.  Mommy cried more than I did.  I was a little groggy and lazy later in the day but no funny side effects to speak of.

On the 28th I clapped for the first time.  I get really excited at music so I get up on my knees and clap away!

September 2001

I am holding my own bottle now!  Daddy taught me this skill on the morning of the 8th.  Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy having them do it for me sometimes!  I am drinking water and juice (mommy's wattered down version of juice :-) from a cup and I am eating more solids and drinking less formula.  I have progressed to chunkier foods including cottage cheese, which I enjoy (like mommy ~ daddy hates the stuff) and egg yolks.  I also enjoy finger foods and am getting better at chewing and swallowing.

I have mastered the art of "getting down" from a standing up position.  I am very cute when I do it.  I appear to be very careful not to hurt myself but occasionally I get hurt.  Then I want ma ma ma ma ma!

I began speaking a lot more this month.  I say da da da da da and ma ma ma ma ma.  I also sing lalalalalalalalal and make the bababababababa sound.  When I want milk, I make an mmmmmmmmmm sound.  Daddy is trying to get me to go to the fridge and make the mmmmm sound while tapping on the door.  I haven't mastered that yet.  The funniest sounds that I make are the "S" sound like a snake and the "TH" sound as if to say, 'Thank you!'  I just think they are funny sounds.

My Grammy told mommy that I am now working my way up the steps at their house.  What a big boy I am getting to be.

August 2001

August was a busy month for me.  My Aunt Amy, Uncle Mark & Cousin Garrett came to visit us in Fresno before they headed back to Australia.  Garrett was such an inspiration, seeing him do such big boy things.

On the 5th, my Godbrother Philip and I were dedicated at Northwest Church.  You can see pictures by clicking on this link or going to my photos index page.  It was fun being the center of attention even if I wasn't sure why :-).  I also wore my first pair of real shoes today.  I hated them!

On the 8th I got up on my hands and knees for the first time and then on the 10th, it was up on hands and feet.  I'll soon be crawling.

  I learned the "snoot" in the month of August.  That's where I wrinkle up my nose and sniff.  I demonstrated it to mommy on the 11th.  They try to get a picture of me doing it, but I'm not going to give them an easy time catching that on film.  My Grampy says that Daddy used to do the "snoot" when he was a little guy.

I also got into a sitting position from my tummy for the very first time on the 11th.  Mommy clapped and I giggled.  I was so proud of myself!

On the 24th my mommy went to a choir retreat for the weekend.  It was the first time she had ever gone overnight without me.  I was a good boy though, and got to spend the weekend with daddy.

On Saturday the 25th my daddy had a rehearsal at the house, so he took me to "Tia" Janet's house for the day.  Guess what I did???  I CRAWLED!!  When neither mommy or daddy were looking... I'm so rotten <smile>.  I have been unstoppable since!

Well from crawling comes pulling myself up on things.  I began doing that on the 26th.  I'm still not comfortable with the "getting down" process but I'm learning.

July 2001

On the 20th my Grampy watched me while daddy & mommy went on a date.  When they returned to pick me up, I sat up for 20 minutes playing with my colors book in my lap.  I'm getting so good at sitting up by myself.

On the 22nd I cut my first two teeth.  I didn't fuss one bit and the only way mommy & daddy would have known it is that I put my daddy's finger in my mouth and he said excitedly, "Hey, he's got teeth!"  Mommy didn't believe it and had to feel for herself, because they weren't there yesterday :-).  Mommy sadly replied, "Your toothless grin is gone forever!"  But she also exclaimed, "Hey, now we can give you Cheerios!"  I don't know what that is yet, but it sounds like fun!

June 2001

I took my second airplane trip to Michigan for the 3rd ever Thompson Family Reunion (my Grammy's family) on the 21st.  We did so much on our trip.  We visited many friends and family, we went to 4 different churches, visited the Henry Ford Museum, got to visit the places where my Grammy grew up, celebrated my first 4th of July and so much more.  I would have to say that the most memorable part of the trip for me though was when I got to meet my Auntie Amy, Uncle Mark & Cousin Garrett for the first time on the 22nd (Garrett's 10 month birthday)!  They live and traveled all the way from Sydney, Australia!

During this trip which was the 21st through the 5th of July I had three major milestones.  I began to consistantly roll over from my belly to my back, began sitting up without too much help and tried foods in combination (i.e. plums with apples or bananas with pears and apples).  I am growing, growing, growing.

May 2001

I found my tongue on the 1st and have been sticking it out ever since!

I had dinner with Uncle Marty & Auntie Heather Acree on the 2nd.  It was a fun time.

On the 6th, my daddy & mommy say that I laughed out loud in my sleep.  I don't remember that.  I wonder what I was dreaming about?!

On the 9th I found out that I'm going to be a big brother in January 2002!!

I began to say mamamamamamam on the 20th.  I really mean that I want food.... mmmmmmmm!

I walked around with Nanna's help for the first time on the 21st.

I laughed at myself for the first time on the 24th.  I think I realize that it's me in there.  But how could that be?

I ate my first "big-boy" food on the 25th.  We started with carrots!  We have since moved on to other veggies, fruits and mashed potatoes... mmmmmm!

On the 29th we learned that squash doesn't agree with me.  My daddy and Uncle Mark had the same reaction.  A bad diaper rash!

I rolled over for the first time on the 30th.  I rolled from my back to my tummy!  Boy, I'm getting to be such a big boy.

April 2001

I found and sucked my thumb on the 4th.

I had another portrait taken on the 7th because my mommy & daddy thought I wasn't smiling in the first one.  I fooled them, I was flirting with the camera when they weren't looking.

I celebrated my first Easter on the 15th.  My mommy was in the Northwest Church musical at Sarayon Theater and I enjoyed time in the nursery with over 150 other babies!  Wow!!  Then we had a nice lunch at Grammy & Grampy's house.

My Auntie Kim, Uncle Keith & Ryan visited from Burlington, KY on the 16th.  They stayed the week with us and on the 17th we took them to see the General Grant tree and giant sequoias in Kings Canyon National Park.

I nearly rolled off the changing table with Kim & daddy on the 19th... uh-oh... I'm growing so fast.  Gotta keep any eye on me... go, go, go!

I visited Sanger Convalescent Hospital (my mommy's former workplace) for the first time since my birth on the 20th.  They thought I was cute as ever!

I played peek-a-boo for the first time with mommy on the 22nd.  I laughed and laughed.

On the 30th I made my first friend.  I talked and laughed at my pooh bear when we were playing together.

March 2001

On the 1st I ate cereal for the first time.  I have been enjoying it ever since!  I also laughed out loud for the first time.  My daddy tickled me and I giggled and giggled.

On the evening of the 1st I slept through the night and have been ever since.

We threw a party for my Nino & Nina Guest on the 10th.  My job was to gawk at the balloons and show off how cute I am.

I took my first airplane ride on the 19th.  I went to visit my Mammaw, Paw Paw, Grandma & Pap Pap in Hagerstown, MD.

I grasped a toy for the first time by myself on the 21st while visiting in MD.

I had my first professional photo taken on the 31st.

February 2001

On the 6th I slept in my own bed for the first time.  I was 4 weeks old and I enjoyed it.

On the 11th, mommy and I took another driving trip to Long Beach to visit daddy.

On the 14th, we celebrated Valentine's Day together as a family.

We visited Venice Beach on the 16th.

My mommy thought I smiled for the first time on the 18th, but was *sure* of it on the 23rd!

I found my hands and played and played on the 19th

January 2001

I was born on the 9th @ 10:12 a.m. pacific time, thus adding to a very interesting #9 phenominon.  My daddy's birthdate is April 9th, my Grampy Swearingen's birthdate is May 9th, my great-grandma Morris' birthdate is July 9th... the list goes on and on.

I went to church for the first time on the 14th.  Our home church is Northwest Church in Fresno, CA.

I visited Dr. Insco for the first time outside the hospital on the 16th.  I weighed 6'3" and was still 20 inches long.  Unfortunately, Dr. Insco has moved to an "urgent care" pediatric center in town and won't be my pediatrician any longer :-(

I went to my first S.U.G.A.R. group meeting on the 17th.  It was at Grammy & Grampy's house on E. Quincy Avenue.

On the 19th, daddy, mommy and I took our first road trip together.  We drove to Long Beach to get daddy settled in for training in his new airplane (the MD-11) for his new airline (World Airways).

We visited Disneyland for the first time as a family of 3 on the 20th.

I had my first tub bath on the 27th.  Brrrr!

I enjoyed my first Super Bowl on the 28th at Grammy& Grampy's place.  The Baltimore Ravens beat the New York Giants 34-7.

I stayed with my Grampy and Grammy for the first time on the 30th while mommy went to choir rehearal.

We had the S.U.G.A.R. group at my house for the first time since my birth on the 31st.